Happy New Year

And Merry Christmas, Baby.

Christmas Day is past, Christmastide unfolds, and the New Year has arrived.

This past year was not what I expected. It had its burdens. It also had its charms. Our family is thankful for so very much.

Thanks for being a reader and following along. I pray you experience God’s blessings in the year ahead. If you find yourself carrying wounds from the year that has now passed, may God mend your heart. God is no stranger to sorrow; in God is fullness of joy. In Christ, sorrow and joy meet, death is defeated, life triumphs. Wherever you find yourself, put your hope in Jesus. In him there is eternal rest.

Book Notes

I’ve begun Donald Worster’s A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir. Other book news is here.

Sights and Sounds

My January playlist will be up soon. Check the blog.

I’m watching season five of The Expanse on Amazon. The second season of The Mandalorian ended perfectly.

Last Words

Be smart. Be safe. Welcome the New Year.

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That's the business.

Be well this week. Bless others.


P. S. - David wanted our family to make a sign for the front yard that said, “Rejoice!” So we did. Sketch below is from Christmas Eve at First Methodist.