Team Party

Press your luck.

I started coaching my son’s soccer team when he was four years old.

Tomorrow will mark the end of my seventh season in coaching. We lost the spring ‘20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has been our most successful season. We’re 7-0. Our last game is scheduled for tomorrow.

Our team party is tonight.

The superstition about team parties is that you should never schedule the team party until after your final game is in the books. But I scheduled our team party weeks ago before we had a rainout in week seven, which pushed our final game to this weekend.

So, here we go. We’re pressing our luck. We’re partying tonight. We’re playing tomorrow. We’ll see how we do. Could be DOOM.

Unless, of course, it rains tomorrow. Then, we could be spared.

Go Thunder.

Book Notes

David Blight’s Frederick Douglass covers a lot of territory that feels familiar. I don’t know if that is because Frederick Douglass addressed concerns about race and the American founding that continue to be with us today, or if Blight has read the concerns of today back into Douglass.

I picked back up David McCullough’s The American Spirit after letting it rest for months and read the last few speeches in his collection.

I finished Michael W. Austin’s God and Guns in America. Austin does not support repeal of the Second Amendment, but he is in favor of additional gun control measures. He takes these positions as a Christian. I disagreed with his proposals for new legislation while agreeing that gun violence is a problem.

Sights and Sounds

It has been a weird week watching movies. David and I finished watching Godzilla. I watched Dredd and parts of Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage. I also watched a few episodes from the first season of Burn Notice. Why Burn Notice? Sam Axe, played by Bruce Campbell. If chins could kill.

Last Words

This week I shared an insight from Dallas Willard on our humanity, God, and making mistakes, thoughts about being Jesus’ joy, the church as an alternative politics, and why Jordan Peterson hasn’t been cancelled.

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Be well this week. Bless others.


P. S. - Made this after lunch with friends.